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Yoga Love -exhibition at Tahmelan Huvila 15. - 21.9.2023.

Art in the park Viinikka-Nekala, childrens art exhibiton event 1.11.-31.12.2021.

Affirmation card workshop at caf Siiri 9.8.2020.

My art Installation
The Hat trik will be displayed at Old Rauma Lace week 18.-26.7.2020

I am Residency artist at RaumArs in July 2020

My next Art exhibition opens at lovely cafe Siiri 24.6.2020- Welcome

My photograph pathway exhibition Joy of summer from gardens and plots at Tampere Viinikanpuisto 25.5-1.9.2020

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If you are interested to get an invitation to MadMoiselles Little Boutique next pop-up shopping event or Shala of Prana retreat all you need to do is send me an email (look below contact).

My Storie

My name is Virpi Kailanto. I am a driven artist with a knack for creative visualization in life, arts and design.

I live in north of Europe, scandinavian country called Finland with my husband and a whole bunch of shabby chic stuff. My studio is located in the houndred year old house, in lovely village part of the town. I look around my home and feel so fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful, weird, funny, odd, thought provoking, mood enhancing & charming objects which are found by me, or handed to me

Besides design clothes and making art I create vintage-inspired handmade one-of-a-kind decorated items, totes and accessories. In addition to creating MadMoiselle things I design interiors, give visual consulting and teach how to upcycle used materials. I am blessed to be able to do so many things I am interested in.


I enjoy nothing better than a sunny morning spend wondering around treasures which are carefully hidden in dusty old wherehouses, flea markets, antique fairs and charity shops.

I am always looking for a bargain piece of old goods, paintings and furnitures with potential that I can transform with resewing, fabric or paint. Treasure hunting is a way of life. The hunt of shabby but beautiful items has taken me to all sorts of adventures.

My garden is my place to escape. That urban little sanctuary is made with love and filled with beautiful plants inspired by lush English cottage gardens.

In summer time I like going out in my own garden for coffee and having people over dinner - I loooove to play hostess! I also like going for lasy bike rides with my granma style bike, do grafting, take photos,hunt vintage treasures, dream destinations where to travel and having a good chats with friends over class of wine.

I hope that people who see my creations feel that MadMoiselle things has been made with care and passion. My hope would also be that my customers are able to use my items for years and years and still think theyre awesome. I would consider that an success.


I get most of the design ideas by traveling around, exploring new places and discovering all the cool things that world has to offer. Maybe its because Ive always been obsessed with storys of old places, mysteries, vintage items, different cultures, and things like that - one of my favorite authors called this conditon being a past time junkie, which Ive always fancied.

There are times when Im infatuated with caracteristic citys like Lisbon, Havanna or Buenos Aires way of life, - the list goes on. I am not keen on too polish places. I like to visit in eclectic places with quirky, rustic kinda look which feed my imagination.